The best way to test German language skills

A RateLanguage™ German assessment really measures reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Try the difference with common German tests.

German Language Test


RateLanguage™ offers users a premium experience. The German test procedure is guided in the candidate’s native language and interaction is varied thanks to audio questions and video-recorded responses.

An intuitive, easy-to-use and completely mobile-responsive interface.



RateLanguage™ adapts the difficulty of each German test in real-time, avoiding questions that are too simple for expert candidates or too complex for lower levels, in order to keep the time required to complete the test to a minimum.

A third of questions, in a third of the time.



Thanks to a unique mix of adaptive algorithms, video-interview technologies, AI and professional assessors, RateLanguage™ is able to accurately assess effective reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

A German assessment method that ensures reliable results.

How it works

With RateLanguage™ you can check people’s knowledge of German, wherever they are in the world, in a simple 5-step process:


Launch an online German test by inserting the name and email of the candidate.

The candidate receives an invitation and takes the test in a rapid and easy way, on any device.

The RateLanguage™ artificial intelligence system analyses and assesses the responses.

A mother-tongue German assessor carries out a final review and verification.

After a short time, you will receive a detailed report indicating the candidate’s actual knowledge of German.

Clear, easy-to-read, precise results

The results of a RateLanguage™ German language test are delivered in an exclusive “single-document” Report, that can be produced in 5 different languages and provide a precise overview of the actual abilities of the candidates represented on the CEFR scale.

An original infographic visually highlights candidates’ level in the 4 main skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and their combinations (comprehension, production, oral interaction and written interaction), giving you an immediate overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

The individual skills are described in detail, in line with CEFR levels, to help you make a precise interpretation of the results. Two additional indicators complete the picture with information regarding expressive capabilities and range of German vocabulary.

German Test Report


Pre-paid packages

The ideal solution for the management of small-medium volumes: choose the number of tests you need and use them when required in a period 12 months following purchase.

5 Assessment package
Total price €145,00
€29 per test
10 Assessment package
Total price €270,00
€27 per test
25 Assessment package
Total price €600,00
€24 per test
50 Assessment package
Total price €1,050.00
€21 per test

Subscription “Pay-per-Use”

The best solution when you need to manage and/or resell large volumes: carry out all the German tests you need, and receive a single, cumulative, invoice at the end of each month.

Fixed Annual Fee
Plus an additional fee per executed Assessment

With the “Pay-per-Use” subscription, in addition to using RateLanguage™ via a web interface, you can also integrate the service with your business applications via API, in order to activate the tests and receive the results directly through your recruiting, e-learning and/or HR management systems.

Not only German Tests!

RateLanguage™ enables you to test all of the key languages at the same price, in a single system.
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  • French Test
  • Spanish Test
  • German Test
  • Italian Test