Become a RateLanguage™ Assessor

RateLanguage™ language tests are assessed using both AI and a network of professional native speakers, to ensure fast, accurate and reliable results.

If you are a language training professional or an experienced language teacher, you too can join this important network and earn extra money with RateLanguage™.

Language Assessors

Work as much as you want, when you want, from where you want

With RateLanguage™ you have no ties: you can choose to work for only a few hours a month or make it one of your main activities.
All you have to do is to connect to the platform when you want, select the number of assessments you want to do, then accurately evaluate the answers provided by people who have taken the test.

All you need is professional know-how and an internet-connected device.


Collect payments when it suits you

Each time you complete an assessment, you accumulate a credit (in Euros) in a digital wallet.
When you want to collect the accumulated amount, just click a button and upload your invoice to the platform: RateLanguage™ will send payment within a few days using PayPal.
This means you are free to decide whether to collect your fees every week, every month or at different intervals, whatever suits your personal needs.


Apply now

Our international network of freelance Assessors is made up of mother-tongue teachers, materials writers or testers of absolute excellence and proven experience. If you think you meet these requirements, apply to be part of this exciting and innovative business.